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Custom Draperies and Valances for Phoenix Metro Area Homes and Offices

Frieda Ross Draperies specializes in custom and ready-made draperies and valances for Phoenix-area homes and businesses. Think outside the box and have something custom-designed to complement your home or office’s unique décor, rather than relying on the “big box” stores for the same boring drapery panels everyone else has hanging. If you have a favorite fabric in mind, we’ll work with you to bring your creative vision to life and transform your space one room at a time. Having new valances or drapes is a lot cheaper than completely renovating your home or office for a new look!

Bedding & drapes

Other Than Style, How Do Custom Draperies Benefit Your Home?

Having custom draperies made to complement your home’s décor is about so much more than just personal style and coziness. They add:

  • Protection

Draperies protect your furniture, floors, or carpet from the sun’s harmful rays, which cause fading over time. Less fading means less furniture reupholstery or replacement flooring costs over time, which equals more savings for you.

  • Insulation

Draperies add a layer of insulation to keep your home warmer in the winter (preventing heat from escaping through your windows) and cooler in the summer (blocking the sun’s rays when they’re drawn).

  • Acoustics

Draperies provide a sound barrier in homes with tile & wood flooring.

  • Privacy

Draperies provide privacy from the prying eyes of your neighbors or would-be burglars. Relax in the comfort of your home without feeling like somebody’s watching you.

Let Us Help You Select the Right Drapery Hardware in Phoenix Metro Area

All of the custom drapery hardware you’ll find at Frieda Ross Draperies is heavy-duty to last for 20+ years to ensure our residential and commercial customers’ satisfaction. Whether you need drapery hardware for wall or ceiling mounts, custom hand-crafted wrought iron to create a classic look, or modern track systems, we offer it, and install it for you.

Bedroom with custom decor

Shop Leading Brands of Drapery Hardware in Our Showroom

Installing new draperies is a way to warm up virtually any space by adding rich texture or vibrant color. However, draperies aren’t able to improve your room’s atmosphere unless they’re hung correctly with the right carefully measured and selected drapery hardware. Not all drapery hardware is created equal. Dedicated to providing quality window furnishings at competitive prices, Frieda Ross Draperies proudly offers some of the leading brands in custom drapery hardware that are designed to last.

  • Kirsch®
  • Graber®
  • Helser Brothers
  • Orion

All Installation Is Done by Our Experienced Drapery Installers

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