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Frieda Ross Draperies Helps You Choose the Right Hardware

Frieda Ross Draperies is known for its top-notch custom drapery and window treatments. But no matter how beautiful your window covering, it doesn’t mean much without the right hardware to hang it. After you’ve found the perfect drapes for your home or business, you now need the ideal hardware to go with them. However, there are multiple types of drapery hardware on the market, and it may be challenging to choose the best one for you. Fortunately, our Phoenix, AZ team is here to help. We employ top-notch designers to help you make your selection when it comes to color, pattern, weight, and, yes, hardware. We can help you narrow down your options and suggest the most durable hardware for your selected drapes.

Know the Different Types of Drapery Hardware

Choosing the right hardware isn’t as straightforward as you may think. In fact, you have plenty of options when it comes to picking rods to hang your drapes on. Each choice will give your window treatments, and space as a whole, a slightly different look. Ask our team which common drapery hardware will best suit your needs:

  • Spring/Tension Rods: This type of hardware is put in place by squeezing the ends together and then releasing them when positioned into a bracket. It attaches to the bracket and will stay put until you press the ends together again to remove it. In most cases, spring or tension rods are useful for doors and anywhere you want your drapes hung close to the window.
  • Traverse Rods: Traverse rods use hooks to attach drapes to your walls. You’ll find several hooks across the rod which attach to the top of the drape. You can then use a pulley system to open and close your beautiful window treatments.
  • Double-Hung Rods: If you want to hang more than one drape across the same window, choose this hardware. You can hang a sheer drape on one side of the rod and a heavier fabric on the other for enhanced light control throughout the day.
  • Extendable Rods: Does your home or business feature windows of many sizes? You may benefit from extendable rods. You can lengthen these rods quickly and easily to match the size of your windows, no measuring necessary.
  • Finials: Many people overlook this drapery hardware. However, this finishing touch can add some extra flair to your space. These end pieces for your rod of any style can add to your room’s aesthetic with a custom shape or traditional design.
Bedroom with custom decor

We Feature the Leading Brands 

Because it’s so crucial to hang your drapes correctly, you need a hardware brand you can trust. For this reason, we only carry products from manufacturers that focus on quality. Not all drapery is created equal, and we want to ensure you receive hardware that is built to last. All of our products are offered at competitive prices with quality at the forefront of our minds. We trust the following brands to bring you top-notch drapery hardware to last you for years:

  • Kirsch®
  • Graber®
  • Helser Brothers
  • Orion

Why Choose Our Custom Drapery Hardware? 

Frequent clients of Frieda Ross Draperies have come to expect top-quality products at reasonable prices. All the custom drapery hardware you’ll find in stock is heavy-duty and designed to last you over 20 years. That means you’ll save time and money on costly replacements. We work with residential and commercial clients alike, so you’re sure to find something that matches your unique needs. We have you covered during all steps of the process, from choosing the right custom, hand-crafted hardware to installing it.

Get in Touch with Us for More Information

Have some ideas for your drapery hardware? Whether you know exactly what you want or still need to brainstorm, Frieda Ross Draperies has you covered. Our professional design team is here to help no matter where you are in the design process. We can help you choose your drapes and then select the perfect hardware to hang them with for a beautiful fit in your space. Our team is proud to offer free in-home consultations in the Phoenix area should you want a professional opinion before making your final decision. Contact us today for more information about drapery hardware.

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