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Stylish, High-Quality Valances in Phoenix, AZ

Are you looking for the perfect finishing touch to your newly redesigned living room? Or maybe you’re looking to spice up an older space with a pop of color. Whatever the case may be, window valances are the perfect choice to add a little something extra to any room in your home. Frieda Ross Draperies has been a leader in Phoenix, AZ home décor since 1972. Our custom, ready-made drapery and valances have made us the city’s go-to provider for window treatments. Our team consists of award-winning interior design experts who are excited to help you take your home to the next level. Frieda Ross Draperies’ gallery includes valances and window treatments of all kinds to match any home’s aesthetic.

Traditional Rod-Pocket Valances for Your Phoenix, AZ Home

Of our custom-made drapes and valances, rod-pocket valances are the simplest. Rod-pocket valances use the excess fabric at the top to fold down into a pocket for the curtain rod. This type of valance is distinguished for its versatility. Most rod-pocket window valances are stitched with a 3-inch wide pocket, but this can vary when you choose Frieda Ross Draperies for custom-made décor. Rod-pocket valances are able to match nearly any design preference you may have. They hold their own as a single window treatment, but if you’d like, they also look beautiful layered over some of our ready-made drapery panels.

Elegant Pleated Valances for All Preferences

Pleated valances are an elegant, yet understated, way to spruce up your home’s windows. The bottom side of the valance is designed with crisp folds that add a bit of texture to your window treatments. The team at Frieda Ross Draperies will custom make your pleated valances to your specifications for color, length, and size. We’ve done box pleats and button-up pleats for our clients, as well as the more extravagant butterfly pleats and skip pleats. The finished product attaches to your window via an L-shaped rod, and your windows are dressed to impress.

Stunning Cornices for a Modern Aesthetic

If you’re looking for a sleek and modern look, cornices from Frieda Ross Draperies are the way to go. Where swag valances add an air of romanticism to a space, cornices’ hard lines make for a formal and fashionable window treatment. Cornices are typically made from solid wood covered in luxurious fabric in any color and pattern you choose. Like rod-pocket valances, cornices look stunning by themselves or paired with elegant custom drapes. No matter which design angle you take, these window valances are sure to turn out amazing in your Phoenix, AZ home.

Romantic Swag Valances to Open Up Your Space

Swag valances and cascades have the potential to boost your living space to the next level. Unlike traditional valances, these feature a much more flowy construction and are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy. Swag valances sit loosely draped over a standard or decorative curtain rod. Many of our clients choose to taper their swag valances and cascades off at the end. This creates a fishtail effect that leaves your space feeling open and airy. Swag valances from Frieda Ross Draperies are ideal for creating a little taste of paradise in your home.

Starting the Custom Valance Design Process

You’ve chosen the ideal type of valance for your space, and now comes the fun part—the design process. However, with hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, designing your perfect valance may seem like a challenge. Never fear—the experts at Frieda Ross Draperies are here for you every step of the way. We’ll assist you with narrowing down your color choices, selecting a fantastic fabric, and envisioning how the final product will look in your Phoenix, AZ home. Meet with one of our fabulous designers with years of experience in custom drapery and discuss your ideas. Together, we’ll come up with a window valance that will impress all your guests. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of wholesale pricing on fabric, which means high-end fabric at an affordable price.

Living room decorated with drapes

Design Benefits of Valances and Beyond

The design benefits of valances are numerous. They add a dose of color and improve the overall aesthetic of a room. Plus, they hide unsightly metal bars that hold up your window drapes. While they’re mostly used for decoration, valances come with additional benefits. These extra window coverings give you more privacy than an untreated window. Valances also help with keeping outside elements from seeping into your home. They help with energy efficiency, keeping some of the sweltering Phoenix, AZ heat outside your home. Window valances also serve as a means of noise control. You’ll hear less from loud neighbors and busy streets when you invest in lovely window treatments. As a bonus, valances are easy to maintain. Most only need occasional dusting or washes in the washing machine to keep their pristine condition.

Phoenix, AZ’s Leader in Drapery and Window Treatments

If you’re ready to elevate the look of your home’s windows, Frieda Ross Draperies has the perfect solution. Our ready-made drapery and window valances hang proudly in numerous Phoenix, AZ homes. You can tell us exactly how you’d like your valances to look. One of our skilled interior designers will help you identify the best colors and patterns for your aesthetic. Whichever you prefer, the window treatment design process is made easy at Frieda Ross Draperies. Contact us today for a free quote on your next home décor endeavor!


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