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Answering Your Questions About Roller Shades in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re looking for an excellent way to cover your windows, you will do well to consider roller shades. Frieda Ross Draperies offers quality roller shades for homeowners in Phoenix, AZ. We often receive questions about roller shades, so we’ve prepared this FAQ page for you. Take a few minutes to become an expert on roller shades, and then contact our team to get a free estimate.

What Should I Consider Before Ordering Roller Shades?

Roller shades are an excellent choice if you want to block incoming sunlight in your windows. You can choose a fabric density that blocks as much as 99% of that light. Blackout fabric can also be used. Another factor to consider is whether manual or motorized roller shades are best for you. Motorized shades offer convenience, but they cost more. You can also choose from many colors and should take into account the direction your windows overlook.

What Kinds of Unique Roller Shades Are Available?

Certain specialty shades are designed to move horizontally and can be used for skylights. Other roller shades are designed to fit angled windows. You can also choose solar-controlled window coverings.

How Much Do Roller Shades Cost?

We would be happy to offer you a free estimate for roller shades. For regularly sized windows that are 4’ x 5’, an average cost is between $200 and $250 per shade, including installation.

Now That I’ve Ordered, What’s the Turnaround Time?

After you place your order, it takes about four to six weeks for the shades to arrive. Sometimes that time can be cut down to three weeks. Installation typically takes about 30 to 40 minutes per shade for manual options or about an hour to an hour and a half for motorized versions.

How Do Roller Blinds Work?

Roller blinds are made from fabric and contain a hollow tube, a spring, and a ratchet. That ratchet holds the blind in place during times that you only want the blind part-way down the window. The spring allows for smooth operation by using the correct amount of tension.

How Are Roller Blinds Different from Traditional Blinds?

Traditional or conventional blinds have to be operated manually, meaning you need to roll up or roll down the blinds on your own. Roller blinds can be automatically rolled up or down at the touch of a button.

What Fabrics Are Available?

Popular choices for roller blind fabrics include polyester, cotton, linen, viscose, PVC, and more. Standard fabrics offer a wide range of colors. You can choose dimout fabrics which have energy-saving capabilities, blackout fabrics that drastically reduce light or waterproof fabrics.

Why Choose Roller Blinds Instead of Curtains?

Roller blinds are often a better choice than curtains, especially for small rooms. Roller shades are easy to install, provide insulation from the sun, and are easy to use, clean, and maintain.

What Does “Front Roll” and “Back Roll” Mean?

You can choose front roll or back roll shades. Front roll shades are great if you don’t want to see the roll at the top of your window. Back roll shades are popular and offer better heat and light reflection.

Will Roller Blinds Keep Heat In?

Roller blinds offer a solid cover for your windows, keeping the heat in your home during the winter. Blinds with slats are a good option for heat control in the summer but maybe less effective at preventing heat loss during the winter.

Can Roller Blinds Be Fitted Outside the Recess?

It’s generally a good idea for roller blinds to be hung from within the recess. Fitting your roller blind outside of a recess won’t typically cause any issues in terms of lost space. Our team will discuss your installation options with you.

What Are Double Roller Blinds?

Double roller blinds or dual roller shades are an excellent choice for privacy. They can allow you to enjoy the natural light during the day and are made from alternating bands of sheer and opaque materials.

Which Way Should a Roller Blind Face?

Roller blinds can be installed with the fabric facing out or with the fabric facing in the room. When the blinds are installed with the fabric facing out, they are placed much closer to the window, and there’s a smaller gap between the blind and the window. A more significant gap remains when they are placed facing the room.

How Can I Clean My Roller Blinds?

There are multiple ways to clean roller blinds. You can use a damp towel for a routine cleaning or wash them in the bathtub for a deeper clean. Soak the roller blinds in warm soapy water for an hour and then rinse them and allow them to dry completely.

The Best Roller Shades in Phoenix, AZ

Frieda Ross Draperies offers the best roller shades in the Phoenix area. Choose from decorative roller shades or traditional roller shades. Our design experts would be happy to consult with you to help you choose the best window coverings for your home. Contact us today to get your free estimate.

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